Bandpass Optical Filters

ECI's custom proprietary bandpass low loss optical filters are designed and applied using some of the newest and most progressive deposition methods. Bandpass optical filters are available for wide sideband blocking applications for maximum performance from 400nm to 2.0 microns. Typical out-of-band rejection is 0.01% T (OD 4) or better. ECI's bandpass optical filters have high transmission levels with low passband ripple. Typical peak passband transmission is > 90%. These filters have excellent environmental stability for demanding military and telecommunication applications.

High performance bandpass optical filter coatings are deposited on custom optics, crystals, polymers, fibers, semiconductors and glass substrates up to 200mm in diameter.

Designs meet or exceed the environmental requirements of MIL-C-48497.

  • Typical Band Pass Optical Filter designs:
    - as specified by the CWL, FWHM and the Peak Transmission (T)
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ECI 1020 ECI 1020
ECI 1020 ECI 1020
ECI 1020


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