Rejection Optical Filters

ECI's manufactures rejection optical filters with up to three rejection bands. Typical rejection filters provide up to 85% peak transmission. Designs are available for deposition onto glass, crystals, semiconductor materials, fiber ends, polymers and other temperature sensitive materials. Contact our design team to discuss your specific requirements including: transmission wavelength range, steepness of cut on and cut off transitions, optical density, angle of incidence and incident medium.

Designs meet or exceed the environmental requirements of MIL-C-48497.

  • Typical Rejection Optical Filters designs
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ECI 1020 ECI 1020
ECI 1020

A rejection filter, also known as a band-stop or stop-band filter is the opposite of a bandpass filter. It is a type of filter that rejects frequencies within the band and transmits frequencies outside of the band.

Contact our design team to discuss your specific Rejection Optical Filter application!