Neutral Density (ND) Optical Filters

Custom broadband Neutral Density filters are designed to reduce and / or modify the intensity of light passing through an optical system. The benefit of an ND filter is a constant attenuation across a range of specified wavelengths. Neutral Density filters are available for any transmission value from 400nm to 2.0 microns. These filters are available for deposition onto a variety of substrates including glass and plastics. Contact our design team to discuss your ND filter specifications.

Neutral Density (ND) filters are ND filters are typically expressed in terms of their OD (optical density) - the measure of transmittance through a medium. The OD is defined as -log10(T), where T = transmission.

  • Typical Neutral Density Optical Filter designs:
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ECI 2593 ECI 2593
ECI 2593


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