Long Wave Pass & Short Wave Pass Optical Filters

ECI's LWP long wave pass and SWP short wave pass optical filters are comprised of all-dielectric, non-absorbing materials which are deposited with high energy systems that produce films with densely packed surface structures, superior surface qualities and stable film structures. ECI's SWP and LWP optical filters withstand even the most severe environmental conditions. LWP and SWP optical filters are designed to efficiently separate light into two wavelength regions. A long wave pass filter is designed to transmit or pass long wavelengths and reflect or block short wavelengths. A short wave pass filter is designed to transmit reflect shorter wavelengths and reflect transmit longer wavelengths. The slope of each filter or how quickly the filter changes from transmittance to reflectance and vice versa is determined by the complexity of the filter design along with other parameters such as angle of incidence, required density and polarization states. Our design team will work with you to determine the optimum performance required for your particular system.

Standard and custom LWP and SWP Optical Filters designs are available for deposition onto glass, crystals, semiconductor materials, fiber ends, fiber assemblies, polymers and other temperature sensitive materials.

Designs meet or exceed the environmental requirements of MIL-C-48497.

  • Typical Long Wave Pass & Short Wave Pass Optical Filter designs
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ECI 1010 SWP & LWP ECI 1010
ECI 1010 ECI 1010
ECI 1010  


Contact our design team to discuss your specific LWP and SWP Optical Filter application!