Laser Dielectric Mirror Coatings

Evaporated Coatings, Inc. manufactures highly reflective low loss laser dielectirc mirror coatings with high energy Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) to create extremely dense films that ensure stable performance under severe temperature and humidity conditions. One of the many benefits is stable optical thin films with little or no spectral shift due to reduced coating sensitivity to high humidity and varying temperature conditions.

Our in-house design team will work closely with you to design a custom laser mirror coating that meets your performance objectives. Typical designs provide up to 99.95%* reflection over your specified wavelength region.

Designs can be optimized for use from 248nm to 2500nm for laser line wavelengths or multi band applications that require excellent environmental stability.

ECI's custom laser mirror coatings are designed to ensure maximum performance for your systems. Specify your particular wavelength range, angle of incidence, substrate index of refraction, incident medium and polarization for the optimum coating performance. Coatings are available for direct deposition onto: glass, wafers, fiberoptic devices, and semiconductor materials.

ECI also manufactures Laser Dielectric Mirror Coatings for high power applications that require coatings with significant laser damage thresholds. ECI's design team will recommend the optimum coating for your high power laser application!

ECI's Laser Dielectric Mirror coatings meet environmental and durability requirements of MIL-C-48497; Laser Dielectric mirror coatings on glass and other substrates that withstand elevated temperatures meet the environmental and durability requirements of MIL-F-48616. *Reflection levels are dependent on composition of optical component.

*Reflection levels are dependent on composition of optical component.

  • Typical Laser Dielectric Mirror coatings:
    coating performance is optimized for 0° A.O.I. and air boundary unless otherwise noted
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ECI 640 ECI 640


glass copy


Examples of LDT

High Laser Damage Threshold Highly Reflective & Filter Coatings
WavelengthLDT*Pulse width
355 nm 2 J/cm2 20 ns
532 nm 6 J/cm2 20 ns
1030 nm 0.47 J/cm2 319 fs
1064 nm 40 J/cm2 20 ns

*Typical values verified through independent test laboratories. Actual LDT performance is dependent on substrate selection, surface preparation, and system design.

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