Optical Coatings for Crystals, Semiconductors and Garnet

Optical Coatings for Crystals, Semiconductors and Garnet

ECI deposits dielectric coatings with Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) and Leybold's Advanced Plasma System (APS) processes that produce films with densely packed surface structures, low optical loss and superior surface qualities. These high energy deposition systems produce thin films with reduced sensitivity to moisture which results in little or no spectral shift. Designs are available for deposition on many types of crystals and semiconductor materials including:

  • LiNbO3
  • LiTaO3
  • KTP
  • LBO
  • YVO4
  • YAG
  • Silicon
  • Garnet
  • InP
  • Ultra Thin Wafers


ECI has developed many innovative methods for fixturing your ultra thin wafers, crystals and semiconductor materials. Our highly experienced production team has the skills and commitment to quality to handle your sensitive materials.

The links below highlight the many types of thin film optical coatings available for your Crystals, Semiconductors & Garnet materials:

  • Anti-Reflection Coatings
    Low loss AR coatings designs include super low, broadband, narrow band laser and dual wavelength coatings.
    Typical Anti-Reflection (AR) Designs

  • Dielectric Mirror Coatings (248nm – 2500nm)
    ECI's all dielectric low loss mirror coatings designed with typical reflections of 99.5% or greater. In accordance with MIL-C-48497.
    Typical Dielectric Mirror Designs

  • Laser Dielectric Mirror Coatings (248nm – 2500nm)
    Highly reflective low loss Laser Dielectric Mirror Coatings meet the environmental and durability requirements of MIL-C-48497 and MIL-F-48616. Typical designs provide up to 99.95% reflection.
    Typical Laser Dielectric Mirror Designs

  • Dielectric Beamsplitter Coatings (240nm – 2000nm)
    Dielectric Beamsplitters designed to separate incoming light into two components consisting of reflected and transmitted beams. All coatings are optimized to meet customer specific requirements including ratio of reflected versus transmitted light, AOI, wavelength region, polarization and incident medium.
    Typical Dielectric Beamsplitter Designs

  • Custom Optical Filters
    Bandpass, Broadband Pass, Long Wave & Short Wave Pass, Dichroic, Rejection, Edge Pass and Neutral Density Filters. Optical Filters deposited with Ion Beam Sputtering Leybold APS and IAD Deposition.
    Typical Custom Optical Filter Designs

  • Attenuation Coatings
    Thin film coatings designed to reduce or remove excess energy in an optical system.
    Typical Attenuation Designs

  • Metal and Dielectric Depositions
    Selection of coating materials deposited to your specified target thickness.
    Typical Metal and Dielectric Deposition Designs


Contact our design team to discuss your specific Optical Coatings for Crystals, Semiconductors & Garnet!