Thin-Film Optical Filters: An Overview

A thin-film optical filter is produces by placing thin layers of substances that contain specialized […]

Thoughts on Selecting the Best Camera Filters

Selecting the optimal optical filter for your shot improves the contrast in images, reducing the […]

Coronavirus Update

Dear Valued Customer – We thank you for your loyalty and trust in Evaporated Coatings […]

Filtering in Machine Vision

Machine vision, also sometime referred to as computer vision, is an extremely important field of […]

Fluorophores and Optical Filters in Microscopy

We humans only have aspect to certain visual information when performing our jobs and making […]

Optical Coatings for Defense Applications

Optics form a crucial aspect of numerous military applications. These include the likes of vision […]

IR Bandpass Filters

IR bandpass filters are those that are used within the infrared region which is usually […]

Applications for BandPass Filters

The following are some typical applications for optical bandpass filters, which can be provided by […]

Handling & Cleaning Coated Optical Components

  The following recommendations are made as an aid to our customers who may not […]

Ion Beam Sputtering

Ion Beam Sputtering Coating (IBS), deposits or sputters a thin film, while using an ion […]

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